Real Estate Photography Business

Real Estate Photography Business

Have you ever browsed through listings on real estate websites?  I have seen some great listings, and some that are not so great.  Just because a real estate agent has a great camera, doesn’t mean they will be able to use it properly to produce eye-catching photography for their listings.  I have seen many images in listings that were  over or under-exposed , poorly composed, or out of focus.  There is definitely a need for high quality photography in the real estate market.

Great images in the listing will benefit the buyer, the seller, and the real estate agent. Quality images will attract buyers and help initially spark their interest in a home before taking a live tour.  More potential buyers will be beneficial to the seller as they will provide greater chance that  the home will sell faster, and at a higher price.  A home selling faster and at a higher price is great for a real estate agent, who wants to advertise quick sales and higher profits for the sellers.  Higher sales also give the agent higher commissions.

A Real Estate photography business can be a profitable either part-time or full-time.  If you already have an established photography business, perhaps real estate photography would be a great addition to your list of services.  Real estate agents can always use quality headshots.  If you are a portrait photographer, you may want to consider marketing your services to real estate agents.

Just like any other photography business, real estate photography isn’t easy.  You need to be able to produce high-quality images.  You must be able to market your real estate photography service effectively.  You also need to be able to work quickly, as agents want listings posted as soon as possible.

A few years ago I found a great blog by Larry Lohrman dedicated to the business of real estate photography.  Larry has written two ebooks- “Photography for Real Estate” and “The Business of Real Estate Photography”.  You can also get both ebooks together at a discount.   I purchased his ebooks a number of years ago when I was considering real estate photography.  He still sends me free updates when he upgrades the ebooks.  The books are well written and illustrated and are a great resource to anyone interested in real estate photography.   If you have any interest in real estate photography, check out his website.

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