How To Start a Photography Business in Arizona

How to Start a Photography Business In Arizona

You must complete certain steps in order to start a photography business in Arizona.  These steps will help you start just about any type of photography business including a portrait or wedding photography business, a stock photography business, a freelance photography business, and more.

Below is information on how to register your business in the state of Arizona.

Getting started– The official website about how to start a business in Arizona is found here: Arizona Commerce Authority

One of the first things you will need to do is register your photography business name.

Find out more about registering a fictitious name or DBA (“Doing Business As”) here:

If you need help choosing a business name: How To Choose A Photography Business Name

Before registering your business, you will need to select your business structure.

Sole-proprietor, LLC, Partnership, Corporation, etc.  Most small business owners will start out as a sole-proprietor.  Find out more here:

You will need to register your photography business with the state of Arizona.

You can register your business with the state of Arizona here:

You will need to open a business account at your bank.

You will need to open a separate bank account for your photography business with your new business name.

You will need to register your business for tax purposes and may want to hire an accountant.

If you are a small business, it is not too difficult to file your own taxes.  As you grow, it will be easier to have an accountant do the work.  Make sure you research the regulations for sales tax.  More info about taxes here: and

You may want to get some form of liability insurance.

You may want to look into liability insurance.  You will want to be covered in case of a photography-related catastrophe.

You are responsible to obtain any necessary city licenses.

You may be required to obtain a license operate your photography business in certain cities or towns, whether you are a resident, or not.

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